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Gourmet has

a tradition with us

We pursue an old craft that depends on people: We have always cultivated knowledge being aware that putting our heart into things can make a difference even in a modern technological industry with hundreds of employees.

MARTELLI | Categories

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of the highest quality

Cured ham

Original Parma, San Daniele und Serrano, …

Cooked ham

Traditional recipes of the highest quality

Cold meats

Original Italian mortadella, Milanese salami,…

Game meat

Various game meat, fresh, deep-frozen and more…


Specialities from France

Sausage specialities

Italian salsiccia and many others …

MARTELLI | Animal husbandry

> Certified animal welfare

Species-appropriat husbandry

We care what goes into the sausages. That is why we make sure that the preparation of meat products is preceded by species-appropriate animal husbandry. We are aware of our responsibility and we ensure that strict and recognised standards are observed.

MARTELLI | Quality

> Certified quality

The best of
the region

We know that passion, skills and knowledge can be taught to keep them alive in everyday work. We are committed to a healthy working environment that contributes to the preservation of a tradition that, for us, means not only family, home country and home, but also industry, technology and the future. And you can taste that when enjoying our products!


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